Wednesday, May 27, 2015

silent art auction 2015.

Here are the pieces of art I worked on with each class for this year's Silent Art Auction at our Family Fine Arts Night! Each grade level creates a different piece and each homeroom class makes a piece of art to go on auction for their class. Each one is unique and special; a collaboration between myself and each student in that homeroom class.

I start off by making a bulk amount of grade level "backgrounds" I only captured the process of my 4th grade fish bowls, but I do this with every grade level; 6 skies, 7 branches, 7 fishbowls, and so on.

My kindergartners create their very own version of Wasilly Kandinsky's Circle Painting. This collaboration piece works into my district's grade level artist lesson.

First Grade uses their fingerprints to create balloons floating up into the sky! I collaborated with them by painting a sky and an object floating with the balloons!

Second Grade also uses fingerprints to make it look like fireflies are stuck in a jar! This was one of my favourite and most popular pieces at the art auction this year!

Third Grade creates a cartoonie backyard bird to perch on a branch.

Fourth Grade is making little pet fish to put in a homeroom bowl!

Fifth Grade is creating an abstract geometric painting.

I was so excited to have these go out for auction! I am hoping to utilize Google Docs next year to digitize the auction to allow bidders to see the artwork and bid before the big event! This will also help create more time for the auction to raise money for our amazing art program here at school. The auction and art night was a huge success and I'm so glad I do it every year to showcase my little kiddos' artworks.


  1. Hi.. How can i connect my blog photo with google search results

  2. Hi.. How can i connect my blog photo with google search results